NCTI & WICT Exclusive Event!

In partnership with WICT Rocky Mountain, NCTI is pleased to bring you the following live stream event:


Can you spare some change?

Capitalizing on corporate shifts and alleviating anxiety by promoting the value of transformation.


Change is inevitable.  Just when we thought the cable/broadband industry had reached the apex of consolidation, we are seeing more and more opportunities bubble up…and it’s not just consolidation where change is happening; technology is revolutionizing the products we sell, how we sell them and who supports them.  Behind the scenes, teams are changing: roles are shifting, workspaces are moving and workers are evolving. 

The perpetual change in our industry is unavoidable.  Regardless of how we embrace it, adapting to it is still a challenge.   As leaders, mentors and supportive co-workers, how do we effectively help our peers navigate change and how do we successfully acclimate ourselves?

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