College Degree Programs


The Associate of Applied Science in Broadband Technology and Communications allows NCTI students to build a degree to suit their specific career goals in the broadband and/or telecommunications industries. The degree allows students to combine courses from a specific certificate track that is based on industry-specific competencies, with electives and general requirements.


To begin, the student completes a NCTI certificate from one of the three degree emphases. Then the student combines the certificate with general education courses, major courses and restricted electives to earn the required credit hours. The result is a versatile, professional degree that demonstrates both job-specific expertise and general business knowledge.

Associate of Applied Science in Broadband Technology

Professionals can earn a two-year associate’s degree with our education partner, Arapahoe Community College as they continue professional training. Many of the courses offered as part of the Master Technician and Master Representative programs carry college credit.

General Education Requirements
ENG 131: Technical Writing
3 credit hours
Technical Mathematics
4 credit hours
Interpersonal Communication
3 credit hours
Introduction to PC Applications
3 credit hours
Major / Core Courses
Advanced High-Speed Data Customer Service 3 credit hours
Cultural Diversity in Business 3 credit hours
Time Management 1 credit hours
Customer Care & Broadband Leadership Emphasis Courses
Intercultural Communication 3 credit hours
Principles of Sales 3 credit hours
Business Communication and Report Writing 3 credit hours
Consumer Behavior 3 credit hours
Leadership 3 credit hours
Negotiation & Conflict Resolution 3 credit hours
Business Writing 1 credit hours