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In order to navigate the growing complexity of work that requires cross-discipline collaboration between highly diverse individuals, we must understand how to build strong teams. Healthy teams are essential to success. As a person of influence, you play an important role in enabling teams to reach their full potential. This course will help you understand how to encourage synergies among team members...

Released: 07/27/17 Length: 2 seat hours Price: $149.00

Business Communication and Report Writing emphasizes effective business writing and covers letters, memoranda, reports, application letters, and resumes. Includes the fundamentals of business communication and an introduction to international communication.

Released: 01/01/13 Length: 45 seat hours College Credit: 3 credit hours Price: $895.00

Legal Environment of Business emphasizes public law, regulation of business, ethical considerations, and various relationships existing within society, government, and business. Specific attention is devoted to economic regulation, social regulation, regulation and laws impacting labor-management issues, and environmental concerns. Students develop an understanding of the role of law in social,...

Released: 01/01/13 Length: 40 seat hours College Credit: 3 credit hours Price: $750.00

Business Writing focuses on specific business writing processes needed to produce business memos, email, good and bad news messages, reports, graphics in writing, electronic presentations and proofreading.

Released: 01/01/13 Length: 20 seat hours College Credit: 1 credit hours Price: $580.00

Consumer Behavior enables the student to understand the variables that affect consumer behavior in the marketplace and the implications of this knowledge for marketing decisions and strategies.

Released: 02/01/12 Length: 45 seat hours College Credit: 3 credit hours Price: $895.00