From fundamentals to emerging technology, arm your technicians with knowledge they need to succeed in the field.

This four-day course has been developed with 8 hours of classroom lecture and 24 hours of hands-on labs exercises focused on specific fiber optic disciplines.

The course has been developed as the “next level” of training, and is intended for those who have already had formal introductory classes and require more advanced knowledge and skills.

The course material is predominantly based on...

Released: 05/03/16 Length: 32 seat hours Price: $1,700.00
The NCTI Advanced DOCSIS Operations course is directed to an audience of engineers and headend technicians who have responsibility for configuring and maintaining DOCSIS operations throughout the broadband cable network. The course provides an overview of DOCSIS 3.1 and catalysts for its development before going into detail about orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) and how it is applied...
Released: 09/15/16 Length: 20 seat hours Price: $199.00
The NCTI Advanced Technician course teaches the broadband technician about the
application of elements and principals that support operation of most broadband
cable headends. Transmission lines, radio wave propagation, antennas, microwave
systems and satellite communications are fundamental topics that technicians
working in the headend must understand....
Released: 03/15/18 Length: 34 seat hours College Credit: 4 credit hours Price: $740.00

Broadband Digital Installer presents background information and installation practices pertaining to digital TV, Data over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS®) high-speed Internet, PacketCable™ telephone and home automation services for the connected home. Broadband professionals will be instructed on what is involved in certifying the reliability of the drop for digital TV, high-speed...

Released: 06/06/16 Length: 22 seat hours College Credit: 3 credit hours Price: $570.00

This course provides the advanced student with a comprehensive understanding of system testing theory and application. The course concentrates on the use and selection of proper test equipment and application necessary for testing and complying with FCC and NCTA testing requirements and recommendations. It also focuses on equipment utilization for observing and locating analog and digital network...

Released: 03/16/16 Length: 36 seat hours Price: $685.00