Digital Technician

The Digital Technician course takes the student beyond digital theory by providing instruction that applies to the real world, everyday life of a field technician. The student will learn to unravel the seemingly mysterious situations encountered with video, Internet and telephone services in a digital cable network. The student will be exposed to the complexities of digital interoperability standards through a discussion of digital standards and the organizations from around the world that create them. Modern digital techniques for overcoming bandwidth limitations along with all digital modulation schemes and detailed MPEG compression processes are analyzed. The student will learn how to properly make and interpret the results of digital carrier amplitude and all digital carrier distortion measurements performed in the field. Relating digital technologies to the products and services offered to customers by a cable operator and how to troubleshoot them is the ultimate goal for the student at the conclusion of this course.

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Completion Time

The estimated completion time for this course is 18 hours. The maximum allotted time is four months from enrollment.

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