Implementing Cisco’s Converged Cable Access Platform (cBR-8)

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Bundle with DOCSIS Network Overview: $4,595
Students enrolled in the DOCSIS Network Overview training course will learn
about DOCSIS basics, modem operations, and the digital modulation schemes
employed by DOCSIS. The Hybrid Fiber/Coax (HFC) network, which DOCSIS
runs on in a cabled world, is also explored. The course provides a foothold to a
deeper dive into DOCSIS.
– The estimated completion time for this course is 2 hours.
–The maximum allotted time is four months from enrollment.

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:
• Discuss how upstream RF levels are determined and maintained, and the
impact of operating modems in a shared network.
• Explain how the DOCSIS modem operates in the transmission path
• Describe the role of cable and connectors in a distribution system
• List and describe the role of passive signal transmission components in a
distribution system
• Describe different distribution system amplifiers and identify basic amplifier
• Explain basic system powering theory, identify power supply components
and basic operation, and describe underground and aerial installations
• Describe how a ring architecture using fiber-optic cable can maintain
• Recognize the HFC progressions that have brought fiber-optic cable closer to
the customer premises
• Understand why the broadband cable industry is developing its own PON
(passive optical network) standard
• Describe the primary digital modulation schemes used in broadband cable

Bundle with DOCSIS Network Overview and Cisco Remote PHY Deep
Dive (R-PHY): $4,850

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cBR-8 is the next generation in Cisco’s series of CMTS (Cable Modem Termination
System) platforms. Cisco’s uBR 10K (Universal Broadband Router) previously offered
industry-leading CMTS functionality – the cBR-8 is now Cisco’s flagship CMTS offering.
The Cisco cBR-8 CCAP (Converged Cable Access Platform) CMTS provides many
technology advancements and performance enhancements, while reducing the overall
cost per subscriber. These advanced capabilities include: four times the capacity
(number of cable modems/subscribers per CMTS) at double the speed of currently
available DOCSIS 3.0 solutions (10K). The cBR-8 provides maximum flexibility for the
future adoption of innovative network architectures including Remote PHY (RPHY),
SDN and Virtual CMTS (vCMTS). The cBR-8’s native support of DOCSIS 3.1 allows
cable operators to deliver ultra-broadband services with maximum downstream speeds
approaching 10 Gbps per subscriber and 1 Gbps upstream.
Note: Cisco 10K supports all versions up to DOCSIS 3.0. cBR-8 supports up to 3.1.

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