Internetworking with TCP/IP

The Internetworking with TCP/IP course is the technician's guide to understanding the processes, protocols and architectures associated with TCP/IP, the engine that runs the IP network. Geared toward anyone whose network accesses the Internet, the course introduces networking protocols, including transmission control protocol (TCP), hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), file transfer protocol (FTP), network management protocols, email protocols and many others. The course also describes IP address classes and subnets, and how subnets are used to efficiently use IP addresses. Advanced routing protocols and the software packages that implement them are also described. After completing this course, the technician will understand how the different TCP/IP protocols are used to provide voice, video and data-related services in the broadband cable network and customer premises.

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The estimated completion time for this course is 16 hours. The maximum allotted time is four months from enrollment.

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