Learning to Accept and Promote Change

NCTI has dealt with its fair share of change.  From new ownership and leadership shifts, to a new name and new office space-we’ve run the gamut.  Adjusting to our “new normal” has come with some growing pains and… it has also brought more unity to the team and breathed new life into the company overall. 

On one of the whiteboards in our office, someone has written, Change is inevitable, growth is optional.  When you consider the current climate of our industry, no truer words have been written.  And in the shadow of consolidation and technology advancements dwell the employees who live in fear of not knowing what lies ahead.  Will their jobs change?  Will their team change? Will they even have a job?   The unknown is a scary place; their coping mechanism is to dig their heels in and resist or roll with it and see where unknown can take them. 

But even when you take an optimistic stance to change, adapting still carries some level of difficulty.  If you are in management and as a leader, you need to accept the role of “change agent” all while under the scrutiny of your employees.  This can leave you second-guessing everything you say and do, which can add additional stress to the situation. 

Being able to anticipate, embrace and grow from change is critical to your well-being as well as that of your peers, employees, and organization…and it’s not a skill that is formally taught in most organizations.  Through our partnership with Dr. Elizabeth Selzer and The Mentor Leadership Team, we offer courses and coaching opportunities on this very subject along with several others that help to build cohesive teams, communicate effectively and effectively manage conflict, which are all key elements to dealing with change.   Through the feedback we’ve received from MSO leaders who have taken these courses, we have learned the content is relevant and indispensable during this time of instability in our industry.

In addition to taking courses targeted at managing/coping with change, an opportunity to learn through real-life and real-time experiences is indispensable.  On June 15th, in collaboration with the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Women in Cable Telecommunications, we will gather industry and leadership experts for an online discussion about how we anticipate, lead, and survive the perils, pitfalls, and potentials of change.  By gleaning best practices from these individuals, who no doubt have been through it all, we can all be more effective and successful within our own organizations when faced with overwhelming change. 

More details of this impactful forum to follow, but I encourage you to save the date as this will be a can’t miss event! 


Stacey Slaughter is Chief Executive Officer of NCTI, which powers frontline performance in the cable and broadband industry. She leads the company’s efforts to help clients achieve measurable results through actionable, timely and relevant learning.  

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