Stay Competitive. Over Deliver. Provide Excellent Products and Services. Most Importantly, Always Put the Customer First

We are NCTI.

In today’s rapidly-changing climate, more than ever, this “customer forward” philosophy is front and center in everything that we do.

Time and again our customers tell us they choose to partner with NCTI because we deliver on their training investment dollars providing unmatched quality, service, and value.

Leadership prefers NCTI’s Amp platform because it easily integrates into their own learning management systems and our customers know that they can rely on us to deliver customized and outside-the-box enhancements: from tailored student reporting to identifying and delivering adaptive micro-learning, the Amp platform has become an essential and integrated tool in their learning organization.

Students look to us for course content that is clear, concise and consistent. Weekly survey feedback strongly reinforces that students prefer the informative, well-designed and easy-to-navigate experience over other training available in the industry.

Students and leadership alike praise the overall learning environment. From launching a course to tracking individual performance toward industry certificates and college degrees, our award winning, web-based, proprietary learning platform, Amp, provides students a seamless learning experience.

Our unparalleled service comes from that same mission statement. Providing every customer with the best possible experience and listening to your needs has allowed us to have a 97% customer satisfaction rating seven-years in a row.

Over the past 50 years we have learned many things including that “one size fits all” is not a reality in 2018. We offer customized solutions because we, at NCTI, are proud to treat every customer as an individual. We are proud that our systems and our team are creative and flexible enough to meet each customer at their need. When you can pick and choose the training and programs, and even pricing structure, that are most critical to your organizational and business objectives it just feels good. Our people are excellent at working collaboratively with each customer to help them create the best possible solution and then we help bring that vision to life.

NCTI is at WEC to help each and every member’s organization thrive. Have you given thought to how your training dollars are impacting your business results? Do you have a clear plan to improve customer experience and foster employee loyalty on a daily basis?  Stop by our booth and get to know us. Find out why so many of your industry peers are turning to us for their training needs. 


Stacey Slaughter is Chief Executive Officer of NCTI, which powers frontline performance in the cable and broadband industry. She leads the company’s efforts to help clients achieve measurable results through actionable, timely and relevant learning.  

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