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NCTI: Providing Tailored Solutions for the Distinctive Needs of NTCA Members

For NCTI, three challenges are routinely discussed in customer meetings regarding our high quality and cost-effective solutions. Camilla Formica, Chief Revenue Officer for NCTI, assists customers in tackling and resolving these questions.

“As a speaker at the NTCA Telecom Executive Forum (TEF), I was not surprised to find these same issues were top-of-mind for the TEF attendees. The good news is, NCTI is currently working with partners in every tier to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the industry. NCTI can address their unique needs and provide customized solutions for each company, no matter the size,” says Formica.

Issue 1: How do we improve the customer experience?

Regardless of what industry you are in, the customer experience will strongly affect your business results. To provide a superior level of service, companies need to ensure employees are trained and trained well. 

Unfortunately, training is not a priority for many companies as it is perceived as costly and time consuming. In reality, it costs far less to train and upskill current employees compared to onboarding new employees. 

“NCTI finds it is preferable for companies to upskill or reskill current employees rather than take the churn and burn approach. A company is only as good as its employees and those employees are really only as good as the investment made into improving their skills,” says Formica. “We have been in the business of training for 50 years. Our digital content is constantly updated so you know your employees are getting the most relevant information on the technology and services they will be expected to support. To that end, our Enterprise License Program affords operators the ability to select content applicable to their organization’s objectives at heavily-discounted rates. Organizations that have taken advantage of this program have experienced more deeply-engaged and effectively-trained employees who, in turn, are providing a more superior level of service.”

Issue 2: How do we attract and retain good employees?

Along that same vein, when companies do need to fill vacant or new positions, it’s important to understand the company characteristics valued by prospective employees. According to a recent survey conducted by PwC, two out of the top three characteristics that make a company “compelling to work for” are opportunities for career progression and excellent training/development programs.

Formica adds this is another area where NCTI plays an essential role. “Many of NCTI’s courses carry college credit. As your employees are learning those critical skills for the job at hand, they are progressing toward career and educational goals such as industry certifications, college certificates and college degrees. As an example, our Master Technician certification is a great gateway series to fully-immerse a newer technician into his or her job. Once the certification has been earned, students are just three credits away from a college certificate and well on their way toward earning an associate degree.”

How does that tie back to attracting and retaining talent? In a 2014 white paper published by NCTI, we found of the 19,000 technicians surveyed, 70% reported bonuses and pay increases tied to the achievement of professional certifications is an important consideration to stay with an employer. Additionally, 80% said a clearly-defined career path supports their desire to stay with a company and it cultivates a sense of loyalty.

“This level of engagement is really important to fresh talent coming into the workforce,” says Formica. “They want to know the organization they work for is going to take a vested interest in them, their career, and their career progression. Having that engagement within your organization will be what sets you apart and attracts employees to choose your organization over others in the end.”

In addition to providing training and education, NCTI is well-versed in crafting customized career progressions for training and care personnel that align with the company’s goals and objectives.  Through Amp, our proprietary learning management and engagement platform, students, supervisors and human resource professionals can track, in real time, an individual's progress through courses, certifications, and career progress. 

Issue 3: How do we turn our learners into our future leaders?

NCTI’s curriculum isn’t limited to technical and customer care content. Our full suite of mentoring and leadership courses are job and industry agnostic and are ideal for existing managers or those who aspire to move into management rolls. 

Formica says, “More often than not, we find there is a skills gap for employees transitioning into management roles. An individual may possess, and excel at, the skills needed to be a great technician or care rep, for example, but this doesn’t mean it automatically translates into being a great manager. Our curriculum helps them hone these skills and smoothly navigate the transition, they boost the student’s confidence and promote a positive work environment.”

In the coming weeks, NCTI will be introducing a certificate designed around this curriculum.  Courses include: Mentoring 101, Leadership 101, Working Across Generations and Maximizing Diversity, Effective Communication, Healthy Conflict Management, Building Synergistic Teams Managing and Promoting Change, and Organizational Development, Change and Innovation.