NCTI Launches New Industry Certification Aimed at Dispatch Personnel

Littleton, Colo. – June 1, 2017 —NCTI has announced its latest certificate focused on MSO dispatch services.  The NCTI Master Dispatcher certificate recognizes highly skilled and trained cable/broadband technicians and care personnel responsible for successful deployment and daily management of service requests. 

“Dispatch is an extremely critical function that drives technical care within MSOs yet is incredibly underserved with regard to proper training and education,” said Camilla Formica, NCTI Vice President of Sales and Business Development.  “We’ve listened to the needs of our customers and have bridged this gap by blending specific NCTI care and technical training into an expertly-crafted program.”                                                    

NCTI President and CEO, Stacey Slaughter, added, “We are thrilled to be able to deliver such an important certificate to the cable/broadband community.  All too often, care and tech representatives are promoted into the role of dispatcher without training that encompasses these two distinct functions within the MSO.”   

Achievement of this certificate earns the student 15 college credits, continuing them toward a college certificate and an Associate of Applied Sciences Degree with an emphasis in Broadband Technology and Communication from Arapahoe Community College. 

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Rebecca Woods, Marketing Manager, NCTI, Inc.