Schurz Communications Partners with NCTI to Deliver Targeted Training to Technicians

Littleton, CO –January 31, 2018-NCTI, the Industry leader in powering frontline teams through timely and relevant learning, has kicked off its 50th year in business by signing Schurz Communications, Inc. (SCI) to a three-year Enterprise License Agreement.

Under the agreement, Schurz will have the ability to select content applicable to its own specific business objectives at heavily discounted rates. Organizations that have taken advantage of this program have experienced a significant uptick in course enrollments without additional spend, resulting in a more deeply and effectively-trained workforce which, in turn, provides a superior level of service.

“SCI ardently believes the most valuable asset to any company is its employees,” says Tom Williams, Vice President of Engineering and Technology, Broadband Division. “We want to attract and retain the best talent, and the best talent needs to know their employer cares enough to invest in their future. Over the past year, SCI has been evaluating the various training options available to our employees.  NCTI’s training was more practical and actionable than many of the alternatives and our relationship with NCTI presents our employees with a number of certificates and degrees closely aligned with our industry.”

In addition to the technician training content SCI has selected, NCTI is also helping Schurz to build integrated career progressions that will serve to guide and encourage students to achieve professional and educational goals.

“We are particularly excited to partner with and support the growth initiatives of SCI,” said Camilla Formica, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for NCTI. “The organization is expanding its reach and the Enterprise License agreement will accommodate that growth.  Our products and services are designed to align with, and augment, our customers’ internal training to ensure successful development and progression for employees, regardless of whether they may be new to the industry or are advancing in their careers.”

“This represents a great opportunity,” says Williams.  “Employees can cross-train in other areas of interest, including supervisory and management classes.  All training is virtual, so participants can complete the coursework on their own schedule in their own home.  With these courses, they will learn many new skills that empower them to stay ahead of the rapid changes in our industry.”

The SCI program will officially launch mid-to-late February, beginning with technicians.  Other business units within the organization will be able to request enrollment into the program pending management approval.

“Perhaps one of the best investments a company can make is in its people.  This is yet another way SCI is making that investment,” said Williams.


About Schurz Communications Inc.

Schurz Communications Inc. is a Mishawaka, Indiana-based news and information company that consists of cable, newspaper publishing and digital media. The company publishes daily and weekly newspapers in medium and small markets. It also owns cable companies and phone directories. Geographically, Schurz Communications has a presence in Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and South Dakota.

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Celebrating its 50th year of excellence in service to the cable/broadband industry, NCTI delivers quality content and flexible technology solutions created for use on the job with anywhere, anytime access. Hundreds of thousands of technicians, customer service representatives, and cable/broadband industry executives credit NCTI for the knowledge and skills needed to build rewarding careers and contribute to their companies’ growth. Find out how NCTI helps clients deliver a superior customer experience




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