Tools & Technology

64% of technicians say improved information access leads to a better customer experience.

Half of technicians say they want and need more job-specific learning and development.

Seven in 10 technicians say training opportunities impact their decision to stay with a company.

Amp Supports Training Coordinators


Manage your team’s learning and development with on-demand information.

Career Progression

Track and manage career paths at the team and student level.


Monitor individual student progress.


Convenient access to NCTI Customer Care.

Amp Empowers Students


Preview or take a course on any device.

Career Management

Manage your career path and track your certificate/degree progression.

On-Demand Knowledge

Access your personalized NCTI library and historical course content.


Convenient access to NCTI Customer Care.

Amp / Instant Knowledge for Field Teams

Mobile learning puts immediate, relevant and custom content directly into the hands of field teams on the device they carry with them all day.


Today’s frontline teams need more information in the field than ever. Amp is always available, with thousands of videos, learning objectives and topics, demos, quick-tips, job aids, tutorials and more.


Amp boosts your internal education programs. Incorporate NCTI’s in-depth course content, internal learning materials and vendor equipment education. Fill knowledge gaps. Tailor and filter content.


Amp provides expert content drawn from industry-leading NCTI curriculum. Easy-to-read, easy-to-search information empowers technicians to do their jobs and resolve problems quickly, the first time. Fewer truck rolls mean higher customer satisfaction.


My education has helped me to better troubleshoot and repair problems I was called to and be able to easily transition positions as I progress in my career. NCTI helped me to push the boundaries of my knowledge within the communications field, and within a short period of time advance through the ranks of my company.

Headend Technician