Applying Wi-Fi Technologies

The NCTI® Applying Wi-Fi Technologies course teaches the broadband technician
about the application of elements and principles that support installation and
troubleshooting of Wi-Fi within the home, as well as in business environments. Wave
propagation, channel assignment, interference, security and frequency bands, are
just some of the fundamental topics technicians working in the Wi-Fi environment
must understand. While Wi-Fi signals have become commonplace, there remains
the need to understand the various ways devices receive and process Wi-Fi Data,
troubleshoot interference and optimize Wi-Fi within the home or business. The
Applying Wi-Fi Technologies course is appropriate for all Wi-Fi installation and
troubleshooting technicians working in a Wi-Fi environment, offering fundamental
as well as advanced topics.

Delivery Options

The course is delivered online. Lesson and final exams are taken online.

Completion Time

The estimated seat time for this course is 10 hours. The maximum allotted time is four months from enrollment.

Additional Course Information