Broadband Digital Installer

Broadband Digital Installer presents background information and installation practices pertaining to digital TV, Data over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS®) high-speed Internet, PacketCable™ telephone, and home automation services for the connected home. Broadband professionals are provided with instructions  on how to certify the reliability of the drop for digital TV, high-speed Internet and telephone service, as well as step-by-step installation procedures for each service. Because the DOCSIS and PacketCable technologies are unique to the broadband cable industry, the course provides extensive information about their origination and the advantages that each offers. The evolution of DOCSIS is detailed from its initial release through all versions including DOCSIS 3.1 and includes an explanation of what transpires in the background when a modem is being provisioned for service. Due to the rapid growth of and interest in home security and home automation within the broadband industry, this course covers the protocols that power the connected home as well as the connected home ecosystem.

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The estimated completion time for this course is 18 hours. The maximum allotted time is four months from the course enrollment date.

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