Computers and Broadband Modems

Computers and Broadband Modems introduces the fundamentals of personal computer
(PC) hardware and software in connection with DOCSIS® cable modems. Students
completing this course gain a thorough understanding of how the PC and modem
interface with the broadband cable network. Topics of study include a detailed
description of the major components in a PC and how they interact in the computer
system; a review of Microsoft Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems with
explanations of their respective features and vulnerabilities; an overview of mobile
devices and their operating systems; wireless networks, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; computer
security and an introduction to DOCSIS cable mobiles and their installation.
Delivered online, the course includes videos and activities that are intended to help the
student retain key points of information. The videos are hosted by Mike Meyers, author
and holder of multiple IT industry certifications, whose colorful and humorous teaching
make the course both entertaining and effective. The Computers and Broadband Modems
course is an excellent reference for the student learning about computer concepts and
terminology. However, the cable modem lessons assume prior technical knowledge.

Delivery Options

The course is delivered online with in-course activities to promote learning. Lesson and final exams are also taken online.

Completion Time

The estimated completion time for this course is 38 hours. The maximum allotted time is four months from enrollment.

Additional Course Information