Building Synergistic Teams

In order to navigate the growing complexity of work that requires cross-discipline collaboration between highly diverse individuals, we must understand how to build strong teams. Healthy teams are essential to success. As a person of influence, you play an important role in enabling teams to reach their full potential. This course will help you understand how to encourage synergies among team members that will supercharge your individual and collective efforts. This online course includes a Learner Workbook, which contains thought provoking exercises that are an integral part of successfully completing the course. The workbook is available as an online pdf document. It supplements the online course by engaging students with exercises that are both personal and relevant and can be utilized immediately to guide the student in the quest to improve their ability to build truly functional teams.

To nurture communication of ideas and opinions across teams, an optional group discussion guide is provided.

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Completion Time

The estimated completion time for this course is 2 hours. The maximum allotted time is four months from enrollment.

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